Watch: Matt Damon Runs Attack Ad Against Jimmy Kimmel

And the feud continues.

Matt Damon

Photo by ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ / ABC via YouTube / Screenshot

As if this election season wasn’t crazy enough already, Jimmy Kimmel has thrown his hat into the ring in hopes of becoming the vice president of the United States. However, there’s one aging action movie star who’s getting in the late-night host’s way.

During Monday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the comedian revealed a new attack ad put together by his archenemy Matt Damon. The actor didn’t hold back in the video as he called Kimmel “duplicitous” and a “liar” for always running out of time before Damon can be a guest on the show.

“Can Jimmy Kimmel really be trusted?” Damon says in the clip. “Why does Jimmy Kimmel mislead people? Humiliate them?”

The video, “paid for by Citizens for a Kimmel Free America,” goes on to show a montage of several instances where Kimmel and Damon butted heads over the years, including their infamous first attempt at couples therapy. After such harsh attack ad, we’re guessing that their second trip to the doctor didn’t help much either.

Check out the full clip below.