Rapper Sammy Adams to Kick Off The Long Way Tour in Boston

'Boston's Boy' is a descendent of John Quincy Adams.

sammy adams

Photograph by Olivia Van Rye

As a young artist in the ruthless music industry, Cambridge-born rapper Sammy Adams has had his fair share of highs and lows. Six years ago, he became famous for being the only descendant of John Quincy Adams to have his debut album hit number one on the iTunes hip-hop chart. But his star began to dim when his follow-up didn’t fare as well.

Now he’s looking to claim the limelight again with his new release, The Long Way. While the album features more-varied production and more soul-searching lyrics, the 29-year-old performer says he still gave it “a party-record and a Boston Boy feel.”

Fittingly, the rapper kicks off his national tour right here in Boston. “That’s all I ever dreamed of as a kid, playing and being received well in a pretty tough-love city,” Adams says. “The support that people have given me through ups and downs has been so important.”

September 7, House of Blues, 888-693-2583, houseofblues.com/boston.