Did Ben Affleck Post a Sneak Peek for His Solo Batman Movie?

A cryptic tweet by the Justice League star may be a first look at the film.

Ben Affleck in 'Batman v Superman'

Photo by Clay Enos/ DC Comics / Warner Bros. Pictures

Unless he’s trolling Matt Damon or ranting about Boston sports, Ben Affleck doesn’t usually post a lot on his Twitter account. However, the actor may have broken the Internet on Monday with his cryptic video tweet.

Affleck, who’s currently shooting the upcoming Justice League film in London, may have posted a sneak peek for another one of his future superhero movies, the highly-anticipated solo Batman movie. The short video clip—retweeted more than 5,000 times in less than 30 minutes—shows what appears to be a live-action version of Deathstroke, an assassin who is a foe of the Dark Knight in DC Comics lore.

The tweet, posted without a caption, is open to speculation and could very well be a behind the scenes look at the Justice League movie. However, since the villain has such a long history with the Caped Crusader, the video is more likely to be test footage or a tease for the new Batman movie, which Affleck will both star in and direct.

Either way, comic book fans are definitely excited about the possibility of Batfleck going toe-to-toe with Deathstroke, who’s like a humorless version of Marvel’s Deadpool. We approve of this move as long as the new Dark Knight movie is better than Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.