Bobby Orr Would Trade Places with Big Papi Over Tom Brady

'It would have to be David Ortiz.'

Bobby Orr

From Left to Right, Steve Burton, David Southworth, Bobby Orr, and Joe Deitch Photo Provided

It turns out that Bobby Orr is a big David Ortiz fan.

The Bruins legend was recently honored as the Person of the Year by Cape Cod’s Willowbend Country Club and revealed during a Q&A session that, out of the pantheon of Boston sports icons, he’d rather switch places with Big Papi. Orr told the crowd that he’d pick Ortiz over every other past or present superstar, including Tom Brady, Ted Williams, Larry Bird, and Bill Russell.

“I knew Ted (Williams) and I have tremendous respect for what Tom (Brady) and Larry (Bird) have done,” he said. “But if I were to trade places with someone else, it would have to be David Ortiz.”

Orr said during the discussion, which was moderated by WBZ’s Steven Burton, that he used to play baseball growing up and admires the longevity of players like Big Papi.

As for why the hockey star would rather switch spots with Ortiz over Super Bowl and NBA champion like Brady and Bird, he admitted that it’s because of the Red Sox slugger’s personality.

“Most of all, I admire him as a person,” Orr said. “I have attended his golf tournament several times and I have seen how David makes everyone feel comfortable and goes out of his way to create a moment with his fans. That to me makes him truly special.”