Watch: Jimmy Fallon Reenacts Meghan Trainor’s Tonight Show Tumble in a Onesie

The singer gave the late-night host a dinosaur-themed gift on Monday night.

Meghan Trainor and Jimmy Fallon

Photo by Andrew Lipovsky / NBC

After taking a tumble on the Tonight Show in May, Meghan Trainor made sure to keep her feet firmly planted on the ground during her latest appearance with Jimmy Fallon.

The singer had a pretty wacky time with the late-night host on Monday, as she came to the show dressed in a giraffe onesie and gave Fallon dinosaur-themed pajamas as a gift. The pair rocked the onesies throughout the interview, which turned out to be an entertaining affair as they reminisced about Trainor’s unfortunate fall.

“I was just so excited,” the Nantucket native explained.

Fallon complimented Trainor for her near perfect performance the last time she was on the show, however, he couldn’t help but reenact her not-so-smooth spill while wearing the dinosaur onesie.

The late-night host also gave her some props for giving the Tonight Show crew her blessing to air the tumble instead of her encore performance for the crowd.

“I went back and I saw both takes, and I saw my face just full of fear on the second try,” Trainor said. “You know what, the first one’s better. Let them have it. I’m going to fall eventually one day. Let this be it.”

Check out more from Trainor’s interview with Fallon below.