Aly Raisman Hopes Tom Brady and Gisele Can Forgive Her

The Olympian hung out with Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn over the weekend.

ALy Raisman

Photo via AP

Aly Raisman has befriended quite a few celebrities since her amazing run at the 2016 Olympics.

After becoming shopping buddies with Taylor Swift and scoring a hug from Beyoncé at the MTV VMAs, the “Final Five” member can now add football star Aaron Rodgers and actress Olivia Munn to her squad of famous friends. Raisman hung out with the Packers quarterback and his girlfriend during Saturday’s Wisconsin vs. LSU game at Lambaeu Field in Green Bay.

Although Raisman was clearly pumped to meet Rodgers and Munn, the Needham native asked fellow hometown heroes Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen to forgive her for spending the weekend with a different NFL power couple.

Brady probably isn’t too heartbroken considering Rodgers is a “buddy” of the Patriots quarterback and stood up for him over Deflategate.

As for Raisman, she seemed to have a fun time with the X-Men: Apocalypse star. The newly-minted BFFs cracked a few jokes on social media after posting photos from their dessert session.

Munn, always on top of her Twitter game, replied to Raisman with a perfect Michael Scott joke.