Watch: Amy Poehler Tries to Take Rob Lowe’s Soul at Comedy Central Roast

She made a surprise appearance at her Parks and Recreation co-star's big day.

Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe

Photo by Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Peyton Manning and his terrible Tom Brady joke weren’t the only highlights from Comedy Central’s roast of Rob Lowe.

From Pete Davidson and Nikki Glaser to Ann Coulter and Ralph Macchio, stars of varying degree from across Hollywood showed up to grill the actor at his special, which aired over Labor Day weekend. One surprise guest who also stopped by was Lowe’s former Parks and Recreation co-star Amy Poehler.

While the Massachusetts native didn’t partake in the full on roast, she did make an appearance during the show’s hilarious opening skit. Complete with red horns and a tail, Poehler plays the devil who offers Lowe some advice on how to handle all of the mean-spirited jokes.

“Take everything personally, open with your best rape joke, and if the night goes slow, just go into the audience, grab a baby, and slap it,” Poehler joked.

Lowe later asked the devilish Poehler if she was going to take his soul away in exchange for having turned him into a famous actor. Unfortunately for the leader of the underworld, her attempts were thwarted thanks to the actor’s choice in gigs.

“I can’t,” Poehler said. “You already sold your soul when you did those stupid DirecTV commercials.”

Check out the full clip from Poehler’s surprise appearance below.