Are Mark Wahlberg and LeBron James Working on a Movie Together?

The Cavaliers star posted an interesting Instagram photo with the actor.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg on ‘Wahlburgers’ Photo by A&E

Watch out Tom Brady, it looks like Mark Wahlberg has made a new superstar athlete friend.

Cavaliers star LeBron James recently posted a photo on his Instagram account of himself hanging out with the actor inside a ridiculously nice weight room.

While the image isn’t all that exciting—although it’s pretty humorous to see James tower over Wahlberg—the cryptic caption is what’s really got people talking.

The NBA powerhouse wrote “Coming soon,” along with the hashtags #WeWorking and #CameraReady, which seems to hint at the pair having a possible big screen collaboration in the works.

James, who showed off his comedic chops in Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck last year, is rumored to take over starring duties from Michael Jordan for an upcoming Space Jam sequel. Perhaps Wahlberg wants to team-up with the Cavs forward on the high-profile project.

Another possibility could be the Caron Butler biopic that Wahlberg has signed on to produce. Maybe the actor is looking to add a real-life baller to the film, either as another producer or as an actor.

Of course, a third option is a completely new collaboration between the two stars, which is entirely in the realm of possibilities since James landed a $15 million investment from Warner Bros. last year while Wahlberg has worked with Time Warner’s HBO on shows like Entourage and Ballers. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the two got together to work on a new celebrity athlete-type show.

Whatever they’re working on, hopefully it’s more than just a LeBron James-inspired Wahlburger.