Watch: Jimmy Fallon Made Fun of Tom Brady’s New Haircut on the Tonight Show

The late-night host mocked the Patriots star's new hairdo.

Since everyone seems to have an opinion on the subject, Jimmy Fallon decided to weigh in on Tom Brady’s new, ’90s style hairdo on Tuesday’s episode of the Tonight Show.

In honor of the upcoming NFL season, the late-night host put a football twist on his popular “pros and cons” bit, taking a humorous look at all of the amazing and not-so-great stuff to expect from another year on the gridiron. Apparently the Patriots star’s Megyn Kelly/Zack Morris-inspired haircut falls under the “con” category.

Fallon wasn’t as harsh as he could’ve been on Brady, but the comedian did call him out for sporting a flow that looks like it belongs in the era of Beanie Babies and the Macarena.

“Pro: The Jacksonville Jaguars were founded in 1995,” Fallon said. “Con: So was Tom Brady’s hairstyle.”

The late-night host also compared TB12’s haircut to the iconic fashion sense of JTT, or rather Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the former child star who briefly took over people’s television screens as middle child Randy Taylor on Home Improvement. Perhaps the new ‘do is Brady’s way of preparing for his own, upcoming venture into the world of TV.

Check out the full clip above (Fallon’s Brady joke is at 1:20).