Sully Trailer Gets a Boston Sunfish Bros Makeover

Tom Hanks stars in Miracle on the Hahbah.

Tom Hanks in Sully

Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures

The viral video of Boston’s beloved sunfish bros celebrates its one year anniversary this month, so it’s only appropriate that they return for another funny clip.

OK, Here We Go, Start Productions decided to honor the aquatically-inept duo by creating a hilarious, mash-up parody. The YouTube video overlays their ridiculous and crass dialogue over the trailer for Tom Hanks’ latest ripped from the headlines drama Sully, which debuts in theaters this weekend.

Appropriately titled Sully: Miracle on the Hahbah, the clip gives the Clint Eastwood directed film a comedic twist thanks to the iconic quotes from Michael Bergin and Jason Foster.

“Bro. Holy s–t,” they yell over a scene of the plane making a crash landing in the Hudson River before fading to black. “We got to call the aquarium or something, dude.”

This isn’t the first time that the video of the Boston sunfish bros has been turned into a parody trailer.

Chris Hemsworth’s In the Heart of the Sea received a Mikey and Jay makeover with an amazing mash-up clip last year. Since director Ron Howard’s Moby Dick inspired film features an enormous whale, the drama’s trailer paired perfectly with all of the screaming over a “baby f–in wheel, dood.”

Check out the latest NSFW parody video below.