Hamilton Parody Perfectly Tackles Unlikely Rise of Jimmy Garoppolo

Rob Riggle stars in Garoppolo: A Second String Musical.

Rob Riggle and the folks at Fox Sports recently put together an interesting musical tribute to Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

The comedian stars as Tom Brady’s short-term replacement in a hilarious Hamilton parody video, appropriately titled Garoppolo: A Second String Musical. Poking fun at Garoppolo’s unlikely rise to a starting gig in the aftermath of Deflategate, the clip is filled with lyrical gems performed in the style of the Broadway show’s hit tune “Alexander Hamilton.”

“How does a clipboarder, benchwarmer who’s never played a single quarter rise in the wake of what Wells reported,” the beginning of the song asks. “Not 40 throws in his stats, but who knows him in the media? He barely has a page on Wikipedia.”

The video goes on to joke about the suspended Patriots star by comparing Brady to Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

“Brady was the game’s Lin-Manuel but he’s gone, wow, and though it may upset Gisele, look who’s starting now,” a woman in the clip sings. “From sidelines to headlines, for years this man’s waited. Turns out dreams come true when balls get deflated.”

The parody’s top highlight comes in the form of Riggle’s chorus, as he proclaims his name, “Jimmy Garoppolo.”

Check out the full clip above.