This Is the Creepiest Tom Brady Mask You Will Ever See

It spooked the Today show crew.

Tom Brady

Photo via AP

Halloween may be more than a month away, but that didn’t stop a man wearing the creepiest Tom Brady mask ever from spooking the Today show crew on Wednesday.

Sporting a lifelike visage of the suspended Patriots star, the mask is absolutely terrifying and will definitely cause a few nightmares. From the flowing locks to the penetrating blue eyes, “Fake Tom Brady” might be a better portrayal than his infamous court room sketch, but it’s still a chilling and odd ode to New England’s beloved quarterback.

Created by Hyperflesh studio for sports media juggernaut Bleacher Report, the mask made its ghoulish debut during the Patriots vs. Cardinals game over the weekend. Surprisingly, fans didn’t seem too freaked out by #FakeBrady, who took photos with tailgating Patriots supporters.

Bleacher Report executive editor Jermaine Spradley explained why they created the eerie mask on Today.

“We just wanted to do something really cool,” Sparsely said. “We knew Tom Brady would be out the first four weeks, so we figured what would happen if he showed up at a tailgate?”

If you were hoping to pick up one of these hyperrealistic, custom-made masks, be prepared to shell out a pretty penny because they don’t come cheap.

Check out the full Today clip below.