Even Tom Brady Thinks the ‘Fake Brady’ Mask Is Creepy

'It was probably the creepiest thing I've ever seen.'

Tom Brady

Left Photo by AP; Right Photo by NBC via YouTube / Screenshot

If that freaky “Fake Brady” mask is giving you nightmares, you’re not alone.

The real Tom Brady recently weighed in on the creepy tribute during his weekly interview with Jim Gray on the Westwood One radio network, shortly after Bleacher Report revealed that former Patriots star Wes Welker was under the mask during New England’s home opener over the weekend. Apparently even Brady was a bit spooked by the odd headgear, which he got to check out up close.

“I saw some of those masks and I saw Wes’s,” Brady said. “I spent a little time with him on Sunday morning, he showed it to me. It was probably the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Glad to see that we’re all in agreement on this thing.

In addition to getting a peek at the mask, Brady admitted that he got some training time in with Welker as a tune up during his Deflategate suspension.

“It was good to spend some time with him,” Brady said “He’s been one of my best friends and we’ve played together for a long time.”

We’re guessing Welker was only a slightly better throwing partner than Gisele.