Ben Affleck Had the Most Boston Reaction to the Patriots Loss

'Rex Ryan? F—k.'

Ben Affleck in 'The Accountant'

Photo by Chuck Zlotnick / Warner Bros. Pictures

Leave it to Ben Affleck to say exactly what most of Boston is thinking after the Patriots’ shutout loss to the Bills over the weekend.

The actor, who’s currently making the media rounds to promote his new film The Accountant, once again got fired up over New England prior to chatting with Sports Illustrated on Sunday.

As the cameras were rolling just before the talk, the interviewer informed the star about the score of the Patriots vs. Bills game during the fourth quarter. Affleck didn’t exactly take the news well.

The reaction was somewhere in between the extreme sadness that he felt after hearing the reviews for Batman v Superman and the rage-fueled Deflategate rant that was on display during his interview with Bill Simmons.

“You’re kidding me,” he says in the clip. “Rex Ryan? F—k.”

Hopefully we’ll see a cheery Affleck in week five when his good pal Tom Brady makes his long-awaited return to the gridiron.

Check out Affleck’s priceless reaction in the clip below.

Ben Affleck reacts to Patriots' loss to the Bills

We broke the news of the New England Patriots loss to the Buffalo Bills to Pats superfan Ben Affleck. He wasn't happy.

Posted by Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard on Monday, October 3, 2016