Matt Damon Wants Idina Menzel to Know That He Really Loves Wicked

He surprised the Broadway and Frozen star on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In case you were wondering, Matt Damon insists that he’s a huge fan of the musical Wicked. Well, at least that’s what he told Broadway star Idina Menzel on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The Grammy and Tony Award winner stopped by the late-night show on Wednesday and revealed that she was a bit let down by Damon when he visited her backstage with his family at a Wicked performance in London. Menzel was pretty bummed because she always had a “movie star crush” on him and was looking forward to the encounter.

“The one I always dreamed of coming back was Matt Damon,” Menzel told Kimmel.

According to the Frozen star, Damon didn’t seem to enjoy the show that much and was virtually silent during his meet-and-greet with Menzel.

“He looked like he hated Wicked,” she said. “He just seemed so bored by it.”

“I think he hated me,” Menzel added.

In order to clear the air, Damon popped into Menzel’s interview to surprise her, although he was relegated to his room backstage due to his on-going feud with Kimmel. The Jason Bourne star explained that he didn’t say much when they first met because he “was so moved” by the show.

“I’m kind of hurt by this,” Damon said. “I loved Wicked. I loved it and I loved Idina in it.”

It’s only appropriate that he’d love a musical called Wicked. He is from Boston after all.

Check out the full clip above.