Michael Strahan Trolls Ben Affleck with Giants Jersey on Good Morning America

'I know you're a Patriots guy...'

Michael Strahan and Ben Affleck

Photo by Ida Mae Astute / ABC

Thursday’s episode of Good Morning America could’ve been titled “The ABC Roast of Ben Affleck.”

Host and former NFL star Michael Strahan had a lot of fun at Affleck’s expense during the actor’s interview for his new thriller The Accountant. As a member of the 2007 Giants squad that beat Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl, Strahan reopened those old wounds by draping Affleck with a New York jersey embroidered with his last name.

“I know you’re a Patriots guy,” Strahan said. “This is burning you right now, isn’t it?”

“This is like wearing a Yankees jersey,” Affleck replied. “This is sizzling.”

The trolling didn’t stop there. Earlier in the interview, the former Giants defensive end showed an embarrassing Throwback Thursday video featuring a very young Affleck acting like a ladies man in an old Burger King ad.

Affleck probably didn’t know he was in for a roast when he stopped by the set of the show on Thursday. Things started out pretty well as he surprised fellow Boston actor John Krasinski during the former Office star’s interview about his latest comedy series.

Krasinski is also directing a live read of Good Will Hunting in New York on Friday and was glad that GMA brought Affleck instead of Matt Damon.

“I didn’t know you had the handsome one,” Krasinski joked.