Ben Affleck Had a Thick Boston Accent as a Child Actor

He took a trip down memory lane on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Ben Affleck and Jimmy Fallon

Photo by Andrew Lipovsky /NBC

The embarrass Ben Affleck tour continued on Thursday’s episode of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

After getting trolled with an old Burger King ad by Good Morning America host Michael Strahan earlier in the day, the late-night show forced Affleck to relive another awkward memory from his child acting years.

Fallon shared a hilarious clip from the actor’s time on the Marblehead-filmed, PBS kids series the Voyage of the Mimi. Affleck played the inquisitive grandson of Captain Granville, played by MIT scientist Peter G. Marston, as they ventured the seas learning about math, science, and ocean life.

“I did do some child acting,” Affleck told Fallon. “Luckily I didn’t end up on a show, and get famous, and go on crack, and go crazy. I had a normal childhood.”

The comedian had a few laughs over the video, which featured a mop topped, mini-version of Affleck with a thick Boston accent. The former Oscar winner was a good sport about everything, though, and even did an impression of himself as a kid.

Following the flashback fun, it was only appropriate that the pair take part in another amazing installment of “Kid Theater.” The duo read ridiculous, made-up scenes written by elementary school students for Affleck’s new movie The Accountant, and the results were pretty great.