The Five Best Jokes on The Simpsons’ Boston Episode

The show didn't disappoint with a myriad of local references.

The Simpsons

Image via Fox

One of America’s favorite animated families finally shipped up to Boston during Sunday night’s episode of The Simpsons.

Aptly titled “The Town,” the episode was jam-packed with local references and blink-and-you’ll-miss-it homages to the city and the many stars it has produced. From humorous slights against the Patriots to obligatory Southie jokes, Homer and company covered pretty much all of their bases with the spot-on tribute.

Here are five of the best jokes from the Boston episode of The Simpsons. What were your favorites?

1. Boston fans defending their team’s honor at Moe’s bar.

Moe: Ugh, Boston fans, in town for the Dennis Lehane book tour.

Lenny: Go kiss a Kennedy, you rule-breaking cranberry squeezers.

Boston fan: We don’t cheat. We won 12 division titles in 10 years fair and square.

2. Bart explaining why he loves Boston.

Bart: Boston is the Bart Simpson of cities. All those awesome Southies in The Departed—those are my people! It all goes back to the Boston Tea Party, a prank so kick-ass it started a country.

3. Homer explaining why he absolutely hates Boston.

Homer: And the people from Boston are so obnoxious. They think their stupid city has the best everything: bands, comedians, chowder. Their so-called cream pies, which are actually cakes. And what’s with Aerosmith? That’s not how you spell “arrow.”

4. Bart figuring out the reason why he actually hates the city.

Bart: This place is all PC brainiacs and Subaru owners wearing fleece vests. It’s nothing at all like The Departed.

5. Bart trying to rile Homer up over why the football team is getting a parade.

Bart: It’s a state holiday because the league overturned the coach’s suspension for using magnets to affect the coin toss.

Bonus: While it was more of a rant than a joke, Homer yelling about why Boston is awful in the middle of Faneuil Hall before getting attacked by bobbleheads was also pretty hilarious.