Cambridge Cops Got to Meet Bruce Springsteen

And so did hundreds of fans at his book signing on Monday.

Photo by Takahiro Kyono on Flickr/Creative Commons

Photo by Takahiro Kyono on Flickr/Creative Commons

It’s not every day you get to meet the Boss.

Usually the only way to see Bruce Springsteen up close is to shell out top dollar for good seats at one of his legendary never-ending stadium spectacles.

But this time, Bruce fans got the chance to see him in a somewhat different environment: The Harvard Coop bookstore in Cambridge. He was there signing copies of his book Born to Run.

Hundreds of fans lined up in Harvard Square to get face-time with the legend.

Included in the group of admirers were members of the Cambridge Police Department, who posed for a photo with the rocker and posted gleefully about it on their Facebook page”
“Pretty cool moment for some of our finest as they got to meet the one and only Boss.”

So did the Community Charter School of Cambridge:

The Harvard COOP was naturally pretty excited, too.

There were lots of lucky fans who got to spend time with Springsteen, who, apparently, smells great. There were only 1,000 tickets sold to get inside, and they waited for hours.

The experience, for Wicked Local columnist Pete Chianca, was surreal:

I think I met Bruce Springsteen today.

I say I think I met him because it the whole experience, a mere few hours ago as of this writing, was so quick and surreal that it seems like something I might have imagined. It was like one of those dreams that fades away a few seconds after you wake up, leaving you with just a vague feeling that it was about something really cool.

Like meeting Bruce Springsteen.

But, inexplicably, it wasn’t that way for everyone.