Things Got Awkward When Ben Affleck Sang ‘Cups’ to Anna Kendrick

Stick to your day job, Ben.

Ben Affleck can’t sing. He’s even said so himself. That’s why it was extremely awkward when he broke out into song during an interview with his The Accountant co-star Anna Kendrick for MTV.

While speaking with host Josh Horowitz, the pair had some fun as a costumed Kendrick pitched Affleck on casting her as the “plucky sidekick” Robin in his upcoming Batman solo movie. After shooting down her dream of becoming a superhero on screen, the Tom Brady-obsessed actor went into a strange soliloquy about wanting to star in a musical after seeing Annie.

“I walked into that theater dreaming of being Indiana Jones and I walked out wanting nothing more than to just dye my hair red and sing to my dog,” Affleck said.

The Batman v Superman star then claimed that his dream nearly came true as he was up for the role of Beca in Pitch Perfect, which eventually went to Kendrick. Affleck then awkwardly sang “Cups” to the actress, who clearly wasn’t impressed with his pipes.

Although the interview and musical skit were done in jest, Kendrick’s reaction to Affleck’s singing perfectly summed up how most viewers probably felt after watching the clip.

“We were doing a bit and you made it really weird,” she said.

“I wanted to be in Pitch Perfect, so what?” he replied.

The last time we heard Affleck’s horrible singing voice, he belted out part of “Let It Go” from Frozen on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Stick to your day job, Ben.