Comedian Brian Regan Performs in Boston This Weekend

He's got a soft spot for Bill Belichick.

Brian Regan

Brian Regan Photo by Friedman Bergman

Veteran comic Brian Regan returns to Boston this weekend for four shows at the Wilbur Theatre.

Regan, who’s toured in the city a lot over the years, admits that he loves working in comedy towns like Boston. While local fans have been known to get rough on comedians from time to time, Regan appreciates how real Bostonians can be and always enjoys performing for them.

“I like the Boston vibe,” he says. “I like the people. There’s a realness about them, an excitement to them. I love Boston comedians and the whole atmosphere is strong.”

As an avid football and golf fan, don’t be surprised if Regan brings up the topic of ridiculous sports press conferences, a subject he recently joked about on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Although he cheers for the Dolphins, Regan thinks Bill Belichick is the best at dealing with the media, mostly because he’s fond of the Patriots head coach’s responses and reactions.

“It’s very funny,” Regan says. “My guess is if he were to write down the things on a chalkboard that he likes about being an NFL coach and the things he hates about being an NFL coach, doing press conferences is at the top of the hate list.”

“The way he handles it is quite amusing,” he added.

As for how Regan plans to spend his time in the city when he’s not rocking the stage, the comic says he wants to participate in the time–honored Boston tradition of dumping beverages into the ocean.

“When I’m in Boston, I just like to throw tea in the harbor,” Regan jokes. “It just seems to be the thing to do there.”

Brian Regan performs at the Wilbur Theatre Friday and Saturday, October 21 and 22. For more information, visit