Matt LeBlanc Once Met a Tribe of Friends Fans in Morocco

The Newton native talked about the surprising encounter on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Matt LeBlanc and Stephen Colbert

Photo by Scott Kowalchyk / CBS

It’s been a decade since Friends went off the air, but the world still can’t get enough of the hit show.

Matt LeBlanc, the man behind everyone’s favorite pizza-loving lothario Joey Tribbiani, chatted with Late Show host Stephen Colbert on Friday night about how he gets recognized by Friends fans in even the most remote of locations.

“If they have electricity, they’re watching Friends it seems like,” LeBlanc joked. “It’s true.”

The Newton native revealed that the strangest place he encountered admirers was during filming for Top Gear on the Atlas Mountains in an isolated part of Morocco.

“People, I’m not kidding, they live in actual caves,” LeBlanc said. “You see like an extension cord going into the cave and you can hear ‘I’ll be there for you’ coming out of this cave.”

The Golden Globe-winning actor got a chance to meet a few of the fans while shooting in the area. However, he wasn’t sure if one of the tribe members was pulling his leg when they talked.

“These tribes people come up, the one guy goes, ‘How you doing?'” LeBlanc said. “I couldn’t tell if he was asking me how I was doing or kind of quoting the thing from the show.”

Check out more from LeBlanc’s interview with Colbert below.