Is Aerosmith at Odds Over a Photo with President Barack Obama?

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry's recent picture with the POTUS didn't go over well with one band member.

A chance meeting with President Barack Obama may be causing some not so sweet emotions between the members of Aerosmith.

Rockers Steven Tyler and Joe Perry ran into the POTUS at a Florida airport on Friday while returning from their South American tour. The pair snapped a photo with Obama, which was later posted on Aerosmith’s Twitter account as well as their personal social media accounts.

The image was removed from the band’s Twitter profile after drummer Joey Kramer retweeted the photo accompanied by a caption that said it was “not representative of Aerosmith.”

Kramer sent out several follow up tweets to clarify that he was not taking any sides, but was concerned about being “included in political banter.”

According to Rolling Stone, both Kramer and Perry were guests of Donald Trump’s at the Republican debate in August of 2015. This preceded Tyler telling Trump to stop using the band’s hit “Dream On” at his rallies.

Tyler and Perry haven’t publicly talked about Kramer’s issue with the photo yet, and both musicians have kept the image up on their personal social media accounts.