Chris Long Wore a Creepy Julian Edelman Mask for Halloween

Tom Brady isn't the only Patriots star with a terrifying mask.

Patriots defensive end Chris Long celebrated Halloween by wearing a creepy homage to his teammate Julian Edelman.

Taking a page out of Wes Welker’s book, Long wore a terrifying mask based on the star wide receiver while hanging out in the Patriots locker room on Tuesday. “Fake Edelman” had some fun during his appearance and even answered questions from reporters.

“Me and Tom go way back,” Long said as he impersonated Edelman. “We’ve been friends a long time. That’s why he gives me the rock when it matters.”

After Long had a laugh with the media over the receiver’s workout habits, the real Edelman walked in on the faux press conference and was extremely interested in what his doppelgänger had to say. Of course, that didn’t stop Long from cracking a few jokes in front of Edelman.

Now that Tom Brady and Edelman have gotten the creepy mask treatment, hopefully the nightmare-inducing trend will end before Rob Gronkowski gets one. He seems to be having enough fun wearing the mask from Scream.