Check Out the First Trailer for Chris Evans and Jenny Slate’s New Drama Gifted

Will they bring their romance to the big screen?

Chris Evans in 'Gifted'

Photo by Wilson Webb / Twentieth Century Fox

Chris Evans is taking a break from the mayhem of Marvel movies to play a more down-to-earth character in his next big screen outing.

The Captain America actor and Massachusetts native stars in the upcoming movie Gifted, a heartbreaking drama about a man named Frank Adler who’s forced to take care of his math genius niece Mary (played by Mckenna Grace) when his sister dies. According to the first trailer released on Tuesday, Evans’ character ends up in a bitter custody battle with the child’s grandmother as well.

Not only did Evans get a chance to show off his dramatic chops in the film, but he also got to work with his new girlfriend and fellow Bay State star Jenny Slate. The Saturday Night Live alum plays a teacher in Gifted who discovers Mary’s academic talents.

While the trailer shows a few scenes featuring Evans and Slate, it’s still unclear whether their characters will get into any romantic situations during the film.

In addition to the Massachusetts power couple, Gifted stars Octavia Spencer, Lindsay Duncan, Julie Ann Emery, Jona Xiao, and Keir O’Donnell.

Check out the full trailer below.

Gifted hits theaters April 12, 2017.