Elizabeth Banks Is in a Very NSFW Get Out the Vote Video

She and Rachel Bloom really want you to vote for Hillary Clinton, or at least not for Donald Trump.

Elizabeth Banks

Image via Funny or Die

We’ve seen all sorts of efforts to get the vote out, including Ben Affleck’s heavily accented New Hampshire efforts, and now, the very last weekend before election day, celebrities are once again asking you to do your civic duty. This time, Mass. native Elizabeth Banks is (kind of) playing the bass in a band with Moby for a song called “Holy Sh—t (You’ve Got to Vote)” for Funnyordie.com. It’s not Banks’ first pro-Clinton work—she also appeared at the DNC earlier this year to emcee the proceedings.

This latest effort comes from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star (and noted American Repertory Theater fan) Rachel Bloom. She’s worried the country is about to elect “an orange talking STD” and wants everyone to get out there to vote. Also appearing in the get out the vote effort? YouTube superstar Felicia Day, Glee’s Naya Rivera, Jaime Cavil from Jane the Virgin, Adam Scott (of every comedy in the last decade), Mayim Bialik from Big Bang Theory…actually, it’s just a ton of random people gathered together and harmonizing on the phrase “holy sh—t”. Maybe put your headphones on if you’re going to listen to it at work?