Ben Affleck Thinks His Son Caught a Cold from Prince George

He talked about his royal experience on the Graham Norton Show.

Ben Affleck and his son recently ended up on an impromptu play date with the royal children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The actor, who’s been spending time in the U.K. filming Justice League, revealed on the Graham Norton Show that his kid got to mingle with Prince George and Princess Charlotte during a trip to an indoor park.

“I have some experience with the Royals,” Affleck joked. “We’re very close. They’ve asked me not to discuss it.”

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star admitted that, at first, he wasn’t aware his family was in the presence of the future King of England. Affleck figured out something was up after noticing all the well-dressed adults and the security detail.

While it was a once in a lifetime experience, the actor wasn’t shy about blaming Prince George for giving his son a cold.

“I was the last person there for sure to realize that [Prince] George and [Princess] Charlotte, those kids were in there playing,” Affleck told Norton. “My son was in there playing. Now I can tell him, ‘You got a cold from the King of England.'”

Check out more from Affleck’s chat with Norton above.