Curt Schilling Mocks Matt Damon After Donald Trump’s Win

'You guys lost. Go away!'

Curt Schilling and Matt Damon

Left Photo by TMZ Sports via YouTube / Screenshot; Right Photo by Jimmy Kimmel Live / ABC via YouTube / Screenshot

As expected, Curt Schilling was giddy following the news of Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election.

The former Red Sox pitcher and possible future Senate candidate chatted with TMZ Sports on Wednesday to express his joy over the results and to mock Hollywood stars who supported Hillary Clinton. In particular, Schilling singled out Matt Damon, saying that he and other celebrity supporters should “go away” now that America has decided it’s next president.

“Matt Damon, his entire life is made out of gun violence, yet he wants to repeal the 2nd Amendment,” Schilling said. “Stop with that bulls–t. You guys lost. Go away!”

The aspiring politician and failed video game entrepreneur hopes that the high-profile people who vowed to leave the country if Trump was elected president will actually “get the hell out.”

“I find it funny how all you frauds want to go to Canada, but you’re all railing for Mexico,” Schilling shouted. “Go to Mexico. Help their economy, you idiots, you frauds.”

He also had a message for the president-elect: “Don’t screw this up.”

Check out more from Schilling’s interview below.