Bill Burr Breaks Down Donald Trump’s Win for Conan O’Brien

The Canton comic thinks it was a bigger upset than the Giants beating the undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Like the rest of the world, comedian Bill Burr was pretty shocked when it was announced that Donald Trump had won the 2016 presidential election.

On Wednesday night, the Canton comic opened up about his thoughts on the campaign while chatting with fellow Massachusetts native Conan O’Brien. Burr admitted that he wasn’t a fan of Trump or Hillary Clinton going into the ballot box and didn’t vote for either candidate.

“I can’t quite remember who I voted for president,” Burr said. “It wasn’t Trump or Hillary, though. I didn’t like either one of them.”

Since he really thought Clinton was going to win, Burr called the results one of the most astounding things he’s ever seen and compared Trump’s victory to iconic sports moments, such as Kirk Gibson’s home run in the 1988 World Series or the “Miracle on Ice” at the 1980 Winter Olympics. The comedian even thinks it’s a bigger upset than the Giants win over the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

“The Giants beating the undefeated Patriots, that’s all a joke,” Burr said. “The star of a reality show is going to run the country. The guy who decided if Bret Michaels or Cyndi Lauper would make a better CEO for a company that doesn’t exist is going to be running stuff.”

As for that wall Trump loves to talk about, Burr called his bluff, saying that it’s impossible to get such a massive project done during his presidency.

“Look how long it took to build the Freedom Tower and we wanted that. It took 15 years,” Burr said. “By the time they build that thing, we’re going to be the ones going over it. It’s not going to happen.”

Check out more from Burr’s chat with O’Brien above.