Mark Wahlberg Explains His Patriots Day Role in New Video

The actor is playing a composite character based on local law enforcement in the upcoming Boston Marathon bombing movie.

Kevin Bacon, Mark Wahlberg, and John Goodman in 'Patriots Day'

Photo by Karen Ballard

Mark Wahlberg opened up about his Patriots Day role in a new video for the upcoming Boston Marathon bombing movie.

The actor plays Sergeant Tommy Saunders in the film, a composite character based on several members of the Boston Police Department. Wahlberg explained that his role is meant to honor the various local law enforcement officers who played key roles in the response to the attack.

“We wanted to honor the police, who worked so tirelessly in tracking these guys down,” Wahlberg said in the clip. “There were many police officers who were instrumental at different parts of the investigation, so Tommy Saunders is actually a composite character.”

Producer Scott Stuber revealed that, because there were so many officers in “different places of importance,” the filmmakers thought that the best way to pay respect to them was by having Wahlberg play a composite character.

“The most respectful thing we could do is to say that that Mark was representing law enforcement,” Stuber said.

“Boston is a city full of heroes,” added producer Michael Radutzky. “You can’t just single one out. So he embodies the spirit of the Boston Police Department response.”

Check out more from the Patriots Day video below.

Patriot’s Day: Tommy Saunders

Patriots Day opens in Boston, Los Angeles, and New York on December 21, and will receive a wide release on January 13, 2017.