John Goodman Shows Off His Boston Accent for Jimmy Fallon

'You can make fun of my accent.'

John Goodman and Jimmy Fallon

Photo by Andrew Lipovsky / NBC

John Goodman gave fans a taste of his Boston accent on Monday night’s episode of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Goodman, who plays former Police Commissioner Ed Davis in the upcoming film Patriots Day, couldn’t resist talking like a Bostonian while chatting about his co-star Mark Wahlberg. The late-night host also joined in on the fun and broke out his own Boston accent.

“You can make fun of my accent,” Goodman joked.

The remark, for whatever reason, elicited an awkward response from Fallon, which caused the audience to chuckle at the weird situation. After the brief, odd moment, things got back on track and Goodman was able to sneak in some praise about the film.

“It’s going to be really good,” he said.

The actor has been hanging out with a few Bay State natives in recent months. In addition to Wahlberg, Goodman has spent some time with former Mad Men stars and Massachusetts own John Slattery and Robert Morse as part of the cast of the Broadway play the Front Page.

“John Slattery is wonderful,” Goodman told Fallon. “We’ve got a great, great cast. It’s a good ensemble.”

Check out more from Goodman’s interview on the Tonight Show below.