Gisele Bündchen Gives a Seaside Guitar Performance in New Video

She really can do it all.

Gisele Bündchen on the 'Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

Photo by Andrew Lipovsky / NBC

When she isn’t busy slaying runways, cheering on Tom Brady, or trying to save the environment, Gisele Bündchen apparently likes to spend her time singing the day away on picture perfect beaches (don’t we all).

The fashion icon broke out her guitar for a seaside music session in a new video posted on Monday morning. Proving that she really can do it all, Gisele serenaded the camera as she played a cover of “Trem-Bala” by Brazilian singer-songwriter Ana Viela.

“Thank you [Ana Vilela] for such a truthful song,” Gisele wrote in the post. “The lyrics are so inspiring that I decided to take a risk and play it.”

This isn’t the first time that the multi-talented model has shown off her musical side.

Gisele gave an acoustic performance during a nature-focused Chanel ad last year. She also has a pair of singles to her credit, including a 2014 dance cover of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” with DJ Bob Sinclar, as well as a 2013 rendition of The Kinks’ “All Day and All of the Night.” Both songs were used for charity campaigns by H&M.