Golden Globes 2017: Jimmy Fallon Burns Ben Affleck in Opening Monologue

He roasted the actor over his role in Batman v Superman.

Jimmy Fallon host the 2017 Golden Globes.

Photo by Peggy Sirota / NBC

Things got off to a rocky start for host Jimmy Fallon at the 2017 Golden Globes.

The Tonight Show star was forced to ad-lib his way through the opening monologue when the teleprompter stopped working on Sunday night. Fallon quickly found his comedic footing, though, and was able to deliver a few hilarious jokes—including a brutal burn directed towards Ben Affleck.

The comedian used Affleck’s best bud Matt Damon to poke fun at the Batman v Superman actor.

“We have two-time Golden Globe winner and seven-time nominee Matt Damon here tonight,” Fallon said. “Of course, we all know Matt Damon from his greatest acting role, telling Ben Affleck that he liked Batman v Superman.”


Fallon also roasted Casey Affleck’s Manchester by the Sea during his opening remarks, however, he was a bit kinder to the younger Affleck brother.

Manchester by the Sea is nominated for five awards,” Fallon said. “You might remember Manchester by the Sea for being the only thing from 2016 that was more depressing than 2016.”

Check out more from Fallon’s opening monologue at the Golden Globes below.