Five Reasons to Leave the House This Weekend

Catch the final weekend of the William Merritt Chase exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, see Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at the Lyric Stage Company, and more.

"At the Seaside" by William Merritt Chase, 1892. Courtesy of the MFA.

“At the Seaside” by William Merritt Chase, 1892. Courtesy of the MFA.

William Merritt Chase

It’s your last weekend to go see this exhibit at the MFA. William Merritt Chase’s Impressionist paintings have been gathered from all over the world for it, and it’s the first major exhibition of his work in over thirty years. In addition to his work with landscapes and paintings of women and children, Chase was also a major figure within the art world during his lifetime, and taught other artists including Georgia O’Keefe and Edward Hopper.

$25, through January 16, Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave., Boston,

Myq Kaplan

Photo by Mindy Tucker

Myq Kaplan

Kaplan, who knows a thing or two about the area, having gone to both Brandeis and BU, comes to Laugh Boston for a multi-night set. He uses a rapid fire delivery to cover just about any topic, fitting in jokes about drug use, racist grandmothers, and his decision not to have children. He also once made it to the quarterfinals on America’s Got Talent, in case there were any questions about his talent level.

$15+, Thursday-Saturday, 8 p.m. and 10:15 p.m., Laugh Boston, 425 Summer St., Boston

Photo by Nile Hawver

Photo by Nile Hawver

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

It’s always a good time to see Edward Albee’s bracing play about a married couple who hate each other, right? This particular production comes courtesy of the Lyric Stage Company. Come for the bitter feuds, stay for the impressive wordplay. Just maybe don’t come on a date night.

$33+, January 13-February 12, Lyric Stage Company, 140 Clarendon St., Boston,

Rune Spaans, The Absence of Eddy Table, 2016 (still). Courtesy Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Rune Spaans, The Absence of Eddy Table, 2016 (still). Courtesy Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Ottawa International Animation Festival

Soon enough, you’ll be able to see the Oscar nominees for short animated film. But if that’s just not enough animation for you, there’s still time to check out some offerings from the Ottawa International Animation Festival, North America’s “biggest animation event.” The ICA will be showing a few different films from the festival, including the intriguingly titled Fired on Mars. Is it similar to getting fired on Earth?

$10, Sunday, January 15, 1 or 3 p.m., Institute of Contemporary Art, 25 Harbor Shore Drive, Boston,

Bronze Radio Return

Indie rockers Bronze Radio Return head to the Sinclair for a show on Sunday. You may have heard the Hartford, Connecticut natives in a few places, including the movie St. Vincent and a Starbucks commercial. Their latest album, Light Me Up, came out in October, and their site describes it as “one part indie dance party and another part roots rock laced with a pop sensibility.” Intrigued? Go see it for yourself.

$13+, Sunday, January 15, Sinclair, 52 Church St., Cambridge,