Tom Brady and Dwight Freeney Face Off in Conan’s Super Bowl Edition of ‘Clueless Gamer’

Professional level trash-talking, guest appearances galore, and a chance at redemption.

Conan plays Tom Brady on the Super Bowl edition of "Clueless Gamer."

Photo via TBS/Youtube.

“The Patriots won!” Conan exclaims. No, not the Super Bowl, just an episode of O’Brien’s segment “Clueless Gamer,” featuring a timely match-up of New England’s beloved Tom Brady and Atlanta’s Dwight Freeney.

O’Brien and Brady talked Belichick’s sweatshirt-chic style (Tom’s a fan) and what he does with his Super Bowl rings (the phrase “I don’t whip it out” may or may not have been uttered), before starting in on a round of the medieval battle video game, “For Honor.” A Massachusetts native and Harvard grad, O’Brien could hardly even enjoy his one moment of victory over Brady—Patriots loyalty runs too deep.

The two were later joined by Falcons defensive end Dwight Freeney for an epic proxy battle, complete with Erin Andrews as sideline reporter. Never one for missing out on a good time (and no stranger to “Clueless Gamer”), Rob Gronkowski also made a guest appearance, along with running back LeGarrette Blount and Marshawn Lynch, a former Seahawks’ player and “Clueless Gamer” regular.

Of course, Brady came through with some classic peacocking after his win, asking Conan, “Should we retire this remote?” If it’s any indication of what’s to come on Sunday, we’re going to have some very happy Pats fans.