The MFA Is Throwing Down in Honor of the Super Bowl

The museum is going head to head with Atlanta's High Museum.

Patriot Sam Adams

Patriot Sam Adams. / Photo courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts

Even art enthusiasts are getting into the Super Bowl spirit. Starting Friday, February 3, at 3 p.m., the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is officially “feuding” with Atlanta’s High Museum of Art.

While you’re busy preparing for Super Bowl Sunday by taking a little inspiration from Sweet Cheeks, the MFA will tweet out a few Patriots of their own for some art-related trash talk using #MuseumBowl. Take special note of Sam Adams, the original patriot, getting in on the action, with what appears to be a Tom Brady jersey, as well as Brady’s favorite Pats hat.

The MFA-High Museum feud isn’t the only one happening this weekend. Governor Charlie Baker is wagering Koffee Kup’s cupcakes and, of course, Legal Seafood’s chowder on the Patriots this Sunday, while Atlanta liquor stores are refusing to sell Sam Adams until after the Super Bowl. Not joining in on the action is Mayor Marty Walsh, who says he isn’t going to bet this year, claiming he’s learned his lesson on that matter. He also chose not to bet on the Super Bowl when the Pats played the Seattle Seahawks, so we might have to agree with him about his choices on the matter.

One other entity staying quiet about the matchup is Boston College, the alma mater of Atlanta Falcons superstar quarterback Matt Ryan. There are no bets from them (which probably makes sense for a school founded by Jesuits), but it’s safe to say they’re still pretty proud of him.

Follow the MFA and High Museum on Twitter to keep up with what will undoubtedly be the classiest trash talk taking place this weekend.