Saturday Night Live Had a Special Super Bowl Family Feud

The Falcons and the Patriots faced off once again.

bobby moynihan bill belichick

Image via YouTube

The night before the Super Bowl for the actual New England Patriots was probably filled with anxiety and last minute game prep, but over in New York, some of their nearest and dearest popped up in a Family Feud sketch on Saturday Night Live.

The recurring sketch has become the show’s go-to for mocking interconnected famous people, and last night saw the Patriots faithful facing some Atlanta Falcons supporters. Host Kristen Stewart did her best Gisele Bundchen impression, suggesting families across the country were bringing very specific Brazilian cocktails to their Super Bowl parties. She was supported by Bill Belichick (who suggested bringing hoodies), Casey Affleck, and Lady Gaga, whose Super Bowl performance host Steve Harvey likened to Toby Keith hosting the Tonys.

Challenging them for the Falcons were Justin Bieber (isn’t he Canadian?), Samuel L. Jackson, Paula Deen, and, in no surprise to Patriots fans, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

In typical fashion, both teams were terrible at the game, though somehow the Patriots were able to emerge victorious as usual, and certainly not related to anything Bill Belichick was doing with that tablet. Check out the whole sketch below. Just don’t make that Paula Deen dip recipe for any parties you attend.