Bill Belichick Actually Smiled on the Tonight Show

He and Julian Edelman talked to Jimmy Fallon about not losing hope when you're down by a lot in the Super Bowl.

Bill Belichick Julian Edelman Jimmy Fallon

Photo by Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Something possibly even more rare than coming back from losing by 25 points to win a Super Bowl? A cheerful Bill Belichick. And yet, that’s exactly who showed up on the Tonight Show to talk to Jimmy Fallon about the Patriots’ Super Bowl victory. He was accompanied by Julian Edelman, and Fallon had a few questions for them about how they managed not to lose hope when they were down by so many points. Did they meditate or something at halftime?

“He’s a big meditator, Coach Belichick,” suggested Edelman. “Yeah, we do a lot of that,” replied Belichick, grabbing Edelman’s hand and mimicking some positive vibes. “That’s the first time he’s ever touched me, by the way,” responded Edelman.

Fallon also asked Belichick about his family’s history of coaching—his father and his kids all have coaching experience, and Belichick said in all generations, there has been advice to go into a different career, but it didn’t work. “We got the ‘can’t help its,'” he explained.

Naturally, Edelman’s magic catch came up, which he modestly put down to about 70 percent luck, and Fallon gave him some potential career advice, suggesting a new seafood company.

“Boston would love it. Legal Sea Foods is good, but you can do Edelman’s Catch,” Fallon offered. It’s not a bad idea, actually! Watch the whole clip below to see this rare footage of a happy Bill.