Matt Damon Masqueraded as Tom Brady to Get on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

But Danny Amendola actually appeared to talk up the Patriots' Super Bowl victory.

Matt Damon on Jimmy Kimmel 2-6

Matt Damon as Tom Brady on Jimmy Kimmel Live! / Image via YouTube

Super Bowl champion Tom Brady made a quick stop to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on February 6. Or did he?

Actually, that’s local boy Matt Damon masquerading as New England’s favorite quarterback. Damon donned the jersey and helmet on the show, insisting he was TB12. Eventually, Damon was unmasked and thrown out of the studio (so, the usual when he tries to visit Kimmel), but not before insisting one final time he really was Tom Brady.

“If I’m not on the show right now, where am I? I’m on the show! Touchdown!” yelled Damon.

Danny Amendola on Jimmy Kimmel Life / Image via YouTube.

Danny Amendola on Jimmy Kimmel Live! / Image via YouTube

Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola also made an appearance on Kimmel. Apparently, Amendola spent the Super Bowl after party with rapper Snoop Dog and 22 friends and family members. Amendola was most worried about his teammate, fellow wide receiver Chris Hogan, who may have gone a little too hard at the after party.

“He had a great year, stole the show, caught a lot of passes, one of our best players this year. After the game he did some questionable activity,” explained Amendola.

Of course, the topic of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell came up. Goodell was invited to the after party, but Amendola wasn’t sure if he showed up, since he spent the night chilling with Snoop Dog.