“Sweet Caroline” Carpool Karaoke at the Grammys Was the Corniest Thing

Nowhere is safe, not even the Grammys.

In a fit of forced viralty, host James Corden donned a cardboard cutout of a sedan and forced a handful of celebrities to sing along to Neil Diamond’s 1969 ode to an 11-year-old Caroline Kennedy at the 59th Grammy Awards Sunday night.

The stunt, intended to promote Corden’s forthcoming Carpool Karaoke series on Apple Music, saw Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, Faith Hill, Jason Derulo, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Blue Ivy Carter, and even Diamond himself ham it up to “Sweet Caroline,” while an auditorium of bewildered recording artists—evidently none of them Red Sox fans—looked on.

The song is corny enough when Baby Boomers bleat it every eighth inning through mouthfuls of Fenway franks. But with this incarnation, reimagined as a bargain-bin Ellen Oscars selflie, it has achieved Supreme Corn.

You can watch the full performance here.