Lilac Sunday and the Duckling Day Parade Are Canceled

Thanks for ruining Mother's Day in Boston, Nature.

Lilac Sunday Duckling Day

Lilac Sunday photo by Greta Jochem / Duckling Day photo by Olga Khvan

If you feel like you’ve barely seen the sun in the last couple of months, you’re not far off: The rain has been so relentless that Massachusetts is finally past the drought that was afflicting huge swaths of the state.

But all that rain comes with a downside, and one that feels a little…targeted? The downpours forecast for this weekend have caused two of the city’s annual Mother’s Day traditions to get officially canceled. Farewell, sweet Duckling Day Parade. We’ll miss you, Lilac Sunday. Suddenly, instead of taking Mom to enjoy some flowers or enjoy the cuteness overload of the parade, you’re going to have to think of something else to do. What the heck, Mother Nature? Haven’t the moms of the world suffered enough? Now they can’t even have a nice walk in the Arboretum on the one day bookmarked for celebrating them?

Please join us in mourning the loss of these two events. They’ll be back next year, but that won’t help you come up with something fun to do this year.