Boston Calling Concertgoers Faced Long Lines and App Issues

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Photo by Spencer Buell

With a move to a new location, there were bound to be a few kinks to be worked out at Boston Calling. But there were some frustrated people at the festival.

The first day of Boston Calling left many fans waiting in the general admission line for long periods, with irritated festivalgoers stuck in a creeping admission line into the evening. Naturally, many of them took to Twitter to voice their concerns.

Sooooo is #bostoncalling fyre festival jr.?

— Jackie[z] Gonzalez (@mmm_jackiez) May 27, 2017

Pretty poor planning #bostoncalling

— Lucas P (@el_nunya) May 26, 2017

Waiting in line for an hour to GET IN. #BostonCalling

— Matt Tytel (@matttytel) May 26, 2017

Appropriately, @Boston_Calling is the Green Line of concerts this year #BostonCalling

— John Costello (@CostelloJohnD) May 26, 2017

Dear @Bonnaroo please call @Boston_Calling and give them some tips and pointers about handling a crowd. This is a hot mess

— emmarie03 (@emmarie03) May 27, 2017

But lines were also problems elsewhere, too. Is Harvard Square going to see a lot of Boston Calling fans heading over to eat?

@nbcboston @JackieNBCBoston Yeah it’s to eat at home food lines are ridiculous just like every other line herrre! #bostoncalling #bostonfyrefestival @Boston_Calling

— LaLaLa13 (@pop_popculture) May 26, 2017

And there even seemed to be a shortage of available facilities:

Need to pee after waiting an hour to get in? #BostonCalling #holdit

— Matt Tytel (@matttytel) May 26, 2017

Also, the official Boston Calling app appeared not to match the schedule of events. Migos, the last-minute Solange replacement, didn’t appear on it, and Mac DeMarco was listed at the wrong time.

Boston Calling Schedule

The app, left, versus the schedule on the site, right.

We’ve asked Boston Calling what might have caused the issues, and will update if/when we hear back.

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