Alert: There Is an Iron Throne on Boylston Street

You can sit in a Game of Thrones replica at the AT&T store.

Photo via AT&T

Game of Thrones fans: If you’ve ever wanted to rule the Seven Kingdoms, or at least look the part, your lucky and glorious day has arrived.

An impressive-looking life-size replica of the Iron Throne, the legendary seat made out of the swords of vanquished enemies, has just arrived at the AT&T store on Boylston Street and you can plant your HBO-watching butt in it for the next couple weeks, beginning now.

The phone company calls it a “store takeover” by the popular show. Also included at the location on 699 Boylston Street will be replicas of the House banners and a frightening sculpture of the Night King.

That’s not all. A news release from AT&T says visitors will soon “have the opportunity to explore Westeros through virtual reality” and that some other unspecified GoT special event is happening there in mid-August.

This comes after the Red Sox welcomed the return of the show’s seventh season with some Game of Thrones-themed celebrations—including a sit-able Iron Throne—Tuesday night.

Looks like winter has come to Boston in July.

Photo via AT&T