Kayak Found the Cheapest Time to Visit Boston This Fall

Tell your faraway friends.

Photo via iStock

You’ve been talking about having your West Coast friends visit Boston for months. Now, thanks to Kayak, it’s finally time to stop putting it off.

After analyzing data from its website, the travel search engine found the cheapest weekends for autumn travel to popular U.S. cities. When it comes to shipping up to Boston, Kayak says the third weekend in September is the least expensive time to fly, with a median airfare of $133. (If that’s not reason enough to hop on the next plane to Beantown, we’d like to remind out-of-towners that Boston is lovely the in fall.)

Earlier this year, Kayak tracked coach prices for roundtrip flights leaving from all major U.S. airports during September, October, and November. Overall, the fare aggregator found that the best deals across the country are in September, particularly the third and fourth weekends of the month. Other cities analyzed include New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Time to brush off that pull-out couch.