Quiz: Test Your New England Thanksgiving Knowledge

Think you're a Turkey Day expert? Prove it. —by Renae Reints and Madeline Bilis

1. a. William Bradford & Edward Winslow
2. c. A cook hired by a marshmallow company
3. b. 53
4. a. Wampanoag
5. c. A women’s magazine published Thanksgiving recipes each year, and many of them featured turkey.
6. b. Dutch and German settlers called it “crane berry” because when the vines bloom, the flowers’ petals twist back, and the plant looks like a crane.
7. c. Writing the nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”
8. d. The Plymouth National Wax Museum, which told the story of the Pilgrims arriving.
9. a. 90
10. c. Three days
11. b. Plimoth is an old-fashioned spelling used by Governor William Bradford in his history of the colony.
12. a. Springfield
13. d. Squanto
14. b. Restaurants, pharmacies, gas stations, small food stores, and video rental stores
15. a. The night after Thanksgiving