Stephen Colbert Addresses Scott Lively on “The Late Show”

The comedian took aim at the controversial pastor and GOP gubernatorial challenger's extreme anti-LGBT views.

Scott Lively at a lecturn

Photo via SHNS/Sam Doran

Stephen Colbert, shockingly, is not particularly impressed by Scott Lively.

The Republican gubernatorial challenger, known for his extremist anti-LGBT views and book pedaling the theory that gay people caused the Holocaust, was the subject of the Late Show host’s “Profiles in Discourage,” earlier this week. During the segment, Colbert pointed out that Googling Lively’s name prompts users to also search for Adolf Hitler, which is not exactly a result that will have voters storming the ballot boxes on his behalf.

“That’s not a good sign for your brand,” Colbert said. “It’s like if your company sold cat food, and on Amazon it said customers who bought this item also bought cat coffins.”

Indeed, being associated with Hitler does not typically bode well for a candidate’s chances at victory, and Lively’s mere opportunity to challenge the perennially popular Gov. Charlie Baker is surprising. In April, the controversial candidate managed to secure the votes of nearly 28 percent of the delegates at the MassGOP convention, comfortably clearing the 15 percent bar needed to force a primary.

On the Late Show, Colbert also skewered Lively for saying he couldn’t possibly be a Nazi because he’s homophobic, and the Nazi party was filled with gay people. The logic, of course, is faulty and factually inaccurate. Colbert pounced.

“Do you take offense to being called a Nazi because you think it makes you sound gay and you’re not?” Colbert mused. “That’s like saying, ‘Don’t call me Hitler, I have a great mustache.’”

“Or is it that if some Nazis were gay, you being called a Nazi for being anti-gay is unfair to the Nazis?” the host continued. “I just want to get this right. I’d hate to accuse the Nazis of being intolerant.”

Yes, that sure would be a shame.