Welcome to Halloweentown: The Best Scenes from Beacon Hill Halloween

The rain didn't dampen the mood at all last night in Beacon Hill. From scary to scary-cute, here's what you missed.

Photo by Louisa Hammond

For those who didn’t reschedule their Halloween, last night was a drizzly, blustery night to brave the cobbled streets of Beacon Hill. Fortunately, mist fogging up the windows and wind blowing decorations in mysterious ways only made the night all the more supernatural. And of course, when free candy is on the line, kids will show up. Throngs of children and their adults, costumed teens, and very good dogs showed up to collect candy, show off their getups, and gaze upon the festooned doorsteps and alleyways of Boston’s very own Halloweentown. Didn’t get a chance to flaunt your own rendition of Pierre Delecto or an Orange Line train with defective doors? See what you missed below, and steal some inspiration to step up your Halloween game for next year.

One home capitalized on the creepiness of clowns with a complex carnival theme, complete with trio of funhouse mirrors and carousel music.

Some pups checked themselves out.

And the carnival came to life at night.

Some houses took a more subtle approach to decorating.

Hitchcock rose from the dead for a sequel of The Birds.

Another stoop paid its own homage to a Halloween classic.

Everyone got in on the spooky fun.


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Especially these dogs posing for a glamor shot among the pumpkins, whose moods weren’t dampened by the rainy weather whatsoever.

Even the ducklings made their way over to join the trick-or-treaters.

And the rain suited Beacon Hill perfectly.