Glowing Bridges Will Light up the Emerald Necklace This Winter in Boston

It’s all part of a new program to help Boston residents enjoy the parks despite the cold.

Leverett Pond bridge

Photo of Leverett Pond via Emerald Necklace Conservancy

When the clocks turned back and the days got cold, it got that more difficult to visit Boston’s outdoor spaces, one of few safe activities available in the age of COVID-19 restrictions. A new feature on the Emerald Necklace, though, may be able to rouse you out of the house to brave a Boston winter.

From February 13 to March 31, the Emerald Necklace will be getting a little brighter via the Lights in the Necklace attraction, courtesy of the Emerald Necklace Conservancy. Throughout the Necklace’s one thousand plus acres, select bridges will be up lit with green light from battery-powered LEDs. The lights will run from dusk to 9 p.m. daily and are completely open to the public.

The Emerald Necklace Conservancy is a non-profit organization dedicated to stewarding Boston’s largest park system, the green spaces of the Emerald Necklace. The park system was created by architect Frederick Law Olmsted nearly 150 years ago and is home to six separate parks which span across 1,100 acres. Winters turn this park system into a chilly snowcapped tundra, and not everyone actively wants to weather a Boston winter expedition, especially those inside—and warm—all day while working from home. But with a little added pizzazz, maybe it’s just what you need to get out of the house and into the fresh air.

“Our winters are already long, and this winter especially we need light, hope and safe opportunities and destinations to continue to enjoy the outdoors with limited daylight,” Emerald Necklace Conservancy President Karen Mauney-Brodek said in a statement. “We hope this limited-time installation will do just that—give folks an excuse and a reason for an enjoyable outing after hours.”

The system is great for jogging and dog walking and is a route familiar to cycling commuters, but if you don’t fall into one of those groups, why not give it a try?

Here’s how to enjoy it:

WHEN: February 13 – March 31

TIMES: Dusk – 9 p.m., daily

WHERE: Certain bridges along the Emerald Necklace. As of now; Boylston Street Bridge in the Fens; Liff Park Bridges in the Fens; Chapel Street Bridge in Riverway; Bridle Footbridge in Riverway; Longwood Avenue Bridge in Riverway; Leverett Pond Footbridge in Olmsted Park; Ellicott Arch in Franklin Park

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chapel street bridge

Photo of Chapel Street Footbridge via Emerald Necklace Conservancy

longwood avenue bridge

Longwood Avenue Bridge via Emerald Necklace Conservancy

ellicott arch

Photo of Ellicott Arch via Emerald Necklace Conservatory