A Patinated Sculpture by Joan Miro Sits Proudly in This Weston Foyer

A captivating sculpture by Spanish artist Joan Miró is a revered symbol of constancy in Tiina Smith’s home.

Photo by Joel Benjamin

“In our home, art is an important part of our daily lives,” says Tiina Smith. Femme, a patinated sculpture by Joan Miró, a pivotal 20th-century Spanish artist who combined abstract art with surrealism, was made in 1982—a year before the artist’s death. “It sits in pride of place in our entry foyer and has helped us welcome friends and family for happy occasions,” says the owner of Tiina Smith Vintage and Exceptional Jewels. “I see her every morning as I come down to breakfast and pass her throughout the day as I move through the house. Unlike a painting, she inhabits our home as a three-dimensional object; her shadow is one of the last things I see before I head upstairs in the evening. She is a steadfast and reassuring presence in our home.”