Somerville’s Very Own TikTok Triplets Wrap Inaugural Tour in Cambridge

The Sturniolo Triplets parlay YouTube car conversations and blindfolded baking stunts into a sold-out headlining show at the Sinclair.

Chris repping the Bs in Los Angeles, with brothers Matt and Nick, at the Sturniolo Triplets’ “Let’s Trip Tour” kickoff on January 12, 2023.

You could call it something of a homecoming. Somerville’s very own Sturniolo Triplets will end their first national trek, the Let’s Trip Tour (get it?), this week at the Sinclair.

For the uninitiated, the Sturniolos are three (almost) identical teenage brothers—19-year-old Chris, Matt, and Nick—who’ve risen to social-media fame, mostly through YouTube videos of them hanging out in their car, arguing about dipping sauces, breakfast foods, “unpopular scents.” (“Gasoline is great,” affirms Nick from the back seat.) There’s a certain charm that comes from watching siblings bicker about literally nothing—the Sturniolos are really masters of the craft. It’s a dynamic that’s especially endearing when the trio breaks from play-bickering crosstalk to tend to one brother’s itchy back emergency. 

When Boston last checked in with Chris, Matt, and Nick, they’d already amassed more than 7.68 million social followers across the three big video platforms. Nearly six months later, that base has ballooned to more than 11 million, a growth of 45 percent in half a year, now with 5.3 million on TikTok and 4.06 million YouTube subscribers. It’s a massive online audience, one substantial enough to translate into real-world attendance: Since mid-January, the Sturniolos have been on a 15-date cross-country tour that began in Los Angeles, rolled through Texas and Ohio, and ends in Cambridge on Wednesday, February 8.

So what do three young dudes best-known for bickering, baking blindfolded, and trying “British snacks with our parents !!!” possibly do on a live tour? Good question. While they’re not exactly performers in the traditional sense, the brothers’ IRL metier is apparently not so different than online: They hang out. At least that’s what seems to be on offer, based on tour vlogs and event descriptions, where meet-and-greets and soaking up the boys’ presence seems to be the chief commodity. In some cities, there’s even an additional fee for “exclusive personal small talk” with the Triplets, though availability is limited.

At the Sinclair, there will be a “red carpet” meet and greet, a photo segment for sidling up to the triplets for the camera, an “ask away Q&A,” and performances from special guests Lxst and YSB Tril. Bad news, though: Tickets are currently sold out (though it never hurts to check back on the day of show).

Aww, they’ve come such a long way since playing Cerberus the three-headed dog in Ms. Cliggott’s fourth-grade school play. Photo by Max Keliehor